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Price: $265.00
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Prod. Code: HAP-30-32

This Happy little fella stands about 26-28" tall and weighs 40 pounds.  He is shown holding a WELCOME SIGN that when turned around says  HOWDY on the other side. (just in case your gone or not wanting any visitors!)  He is done in the GRIZZLY color (brown with black) and is made by artist Andy Kosel from Red Lodge, Montana.

Each carving comes with a care tag giving you instructions on how to care for your carving to keep it looking as good as new giving you many years of of enjoyment! 


Tis Welcome bear is carved out of pine and measure approximately 30-32" tall by 12" in diameter.  It is  cut out with a chainsaw and then placed in a kiln to dry. Once the drying process is complete, we continue to detail them using various grinders as well as carving knives.

We then mix  pigment with Marine Spar Varnish to give the bear its color. After doing the detail painting on the face and paws (if needed), we then clearcoat the entire piece with the spar varnish which makes  your bear suitable for the great outdoors as well as in the house!

Most of our bears have a relief cut up the back (where appropriate) to help relieve any possible stress in the log as the wood expands and contracts throughout the seasons. This is a very normal occurance, and in this way most of the expansion is directed towards the cut which lessens the chance (and hopefully eliminates the chance) of cracks in undesireable places.