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Climbing Bears > Mama Bear & Cubs Log or Tree Climbers
Mama Bear & Cubs Log or Tree Climbers
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Price: $725.00
Availability: please allow 4-8 weeks for shipment
Prod. Code: CC-TRIO



This set of "The Three Bears" climbing a pole, tree or log, features Mama chasing her frolicking cubs up the pole while her cubs keep a check to see how much of a lead they have on her!  (the actual placement is entirely up to you!)

Each CUB is looking down with one arm raised and measures approximately 24" tall.  They attach with one screw through each raised paw.

The MAMA BEAR has both arms raised and is looking up at her cubs.  She's about 3 feet tall and attaches with one screw through each paw.

These Climbing Bears are carved out of pine.  They have a "rounded" cut out of the middle so they can be attached to a log or tree with screws (as pictured).  They are available in Black, Brown or Grizzly. Please specify COLOR, STYLE and DIAMETER of log or tree on which your  bears are to hang.


These bears are sold as a set of THREE for $725.00 + shipping or can be purchased separately if desired.  Each bear will be boxed separately and shipped individually so they won't get damaged in shipping.

CUBS:  $175.00 each;  MAMA BEAR:  $375.00.  Shipping costs not included.

If buying sepearately please contact me for shipping costs and styles of your bear @ tcw1bears@gmail.com  or phone Margaret @ 406-446-3855.



Our  bears are carved out of pine.  They are cut out with a chainsaw and then placed in a kiln to dry. Once the drying process is complete, we continue to detail them using various grinders and sanders, as well as carving knives.

We then mix  pigment with Marine Spar Varnish to give the bear its color. After doing the detail painting on the face and paws (if needed), we then clearcoat the entire piece with the spar varnish which makes  your bear suitable for the great outdoors as well as in the house!

These bears are made by artist Andy Kosel, from The Country Workshop out of Red Lodge, Montana and are signed with the artists initials.

Included with each bear is a care tag giving you instructions on how to keep your bear looking as good as new!

Please select your choice of color and size.