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Rail Bear 1 Leg Down
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Price: $245.00
Availability: please allow 4-8 weeks for shipment
Prod. Code: CC-RAIL1

This sleepy little bear with one of his back legs hanging down is carved out of pine and measures approximately 30" long by 11" in diameter and weighs approximately 30 pounds. It is designed to lay on a 2" x 6" fence or deck rail, so it has a 5 1/2 wide slot cut out of the bottom to accommodate it's laying flat on the rail. You can further secure the bear to the rail by screwing it down.   This first photo shows the bear  in  the "grizzly" color...brown with a black overspray giving it a natural look, the second photo the bear is shown in black, and it's also available in  plain brown. 

Also available in the 2" x 4" size which has a 3 1/2" wide slot cut out of the bottom lay on a 2 x 4 rail or post.  Please specify.

If this isn't the size rail that you have and need a different size, please email me at tcw1bears@gmail.com We can also make them to fit on a log rail, so check us out!



Our  bears are carved out of pine.  They are cut out with a chainsaw and then placed in a kiln to dry. Once the drying process is complete, we continue to detail them using various grinders and sanders, as well as carving knives.

We then mix  pigment with Marine Spar Varnish to give the bear its color. After doing the detail painting on the face and paws (if needed), we then clearcoat the entire piece with the spar varnish which makes  your bear suitable for the great outdoors as well as in the house!

Most of our bears have a relief cut up the back to help relieve any possible stress in the log as the wood expands and contracts throughout the seasons. This is a very normal occurance, and in this way most of the expansion is directed towards the cut which lessens the chance (and hopefully eliminates the chance) of cracks in undesireable places. 

This bear is made by artist Andy Kosel, from The Country Workshop out of Red Lodge, Montana and signed with his initials.

Included with each bear is a care tag giving you instructions on how to keep your bear looking as good as new!